Welcome to the Australian Multiple Birth Association (Western Australia)

The Australian Multiple Birth Association Western Australia  (AMBAWA) is a non-profit and volunteer run group that supports families of multiples in Western Australia. 

The aim of the group is to

Provide a network of friends who have or are connected to multiple birth children.

Provide a means of communication for sharing information and bringing awareness to and about the care of raising multiple birth children.

Increase the public awareness of the needs and challenges that families or those connected to multiples can face.

To improve the resources available to multiples families and their access to them.



Membership are available now and open to families of multiples, carers or professionals with an interest in multiples and expectant families. Benefits members have access to:

- Discounts locally, state and through AMBA

- Contact, tips and advice from other families of multiples


We would love for you to join our multiples family! Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly committee members for more information or should you have any queries.


Congratulations and we wish you all the very best on your multiples journey! Enjoy x


"The path to the future may be unknown but I am glad to travel it with you my friend"